Here's a few of my side-projects i've worked on in my spare time. You can find the source code and some other projects on my GitHub and my GitLab

Game Dev

Nonograms/Picross puzzle video game
Rogue Dungeon
A RogueLike RPG game I've been developing
Better Signs - Stardew Valley Mod
Mod for the game 'Stardew Valley' that adds Quality of Life improvements to in game Sign objects
AND-bot Maze Game
A weekly coding challenge


A static site generated from data scraped automatically from my personal Trello 'Projects' board
Trello Swimlanes
View a breakdown of Trello cards by board with a 'swimlane' view
Pokemon TCG Notifications
Receive notifications for new "Pokemon trading card game" sets
Pokemon Go Quest Guide
Track quests in the popular game 'Pokemon GO'.
Raspberry Pi Mini-Dashboard
A small dashboard that integrates with Trello
My blog with some tech tips

Android Apps

Stardew Valley Bundle Tracker
Track progress in the popular game 'Stardew Valley'
Dragon Quest Builders 2 Guide
Helper app for the game "Dragon Quest Builders 2"
Mario Odyssey Moon Guide
Helper app for the game: Super Mario Odyssey
Planning Poker
Scrum planning poker app built for android.

Misc. Tech

KeePass Password Breach Checker
Integrates with KeePass & securely checks if any passwords have been breached


QuizTime (R&D)
University PoC to show how tech can assist in educational
Nintendo DS Mini-game collection
A mini-game collection for the Nintendo DS

Browser Extensions

Trello card numbers
Display a unique card ID on Trello cards that you can use to easily reference the card
Chrome Bug Button
A proof of concept created for a large call centre so that they could submit bugs quickly and easily from within their browser
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